Questions About Bail In Oklahoma

If you are arrested in Oklahoma, where you go to jail will be determined by where you were arrested and the arresting agency.

Oklahoma has 77 counties, each with a County Jail, a District Court and multiple municipal courts. Some may end up in Tribal Court or even Federal Court.

How Do I Know The Person Is Really Licensed

Bondsmen in Oklahoma are regulated by the Oklahoma Insurance Department and carry identification issued by the state.

Contact OID for any compaints or concerns about a bondsman.

Check the OID website to verify a bondsman license is current.

How much do bondsmen charge

There are no regulations on the amount a bondsman can charge. Most charge 10 percent of the total bond amount and many have minimums. Municipal court charge posting fees that will affect the cost to post bail.

How long am I on bond

Bonds are open until the case is finished or closed by the court.

What happens if the person fails to appear in court

The court will issue a  warrant for the persons arrest and instruct the bondsman to pay the court the full face of the bond amount to return the party to jail.

What does being a co signer mean

Co Signing a bond means that you are responsible for anything that happens because a bond was posted, including making sure the person goes to court.

How can I get jail information

Call a Licensed Bondsman

I am a victim. How do I know when someone is released

Register with VineLink for notifications.

How can I become a bounty hunter

Oklahoma Bail Enforcement requires CLEET training and a  license issued by the state.

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